Antics DMS

is an incredibly powerful digital

marketing platform

that makes it remarkably fast and easy to build


data-driven marketing programs and solutions.


Take your digital marketing way beyond email

Email marketing is great, but it only can take you so far.

The problem is, when marketers have a great idea for engaging customers, the solution is usually an expensive, time-consuming and risky software project, requiring IT involvement, teams of engineers, and months of costly development.

But what if you could develop really cool, personalized campaigns or programs without all that?

Antics DMS makes it fast and easy to create loyalty programs, lead generation and nurturing campaigns, content marketing campaigns, thought leadership programs, social giving programs, email campaigns, customer and partner portals, and more, without IT help or writing a single line of software.


Step up to real-time data-driven marketing

Antics DMS segments customers automatically in real time based on their responses and actions across digital channels. It reacts instantly to personalize the customer experience, delivering the right content to the right user at the right time across your web pages, emails or text messages, corporate websites, social media sites and mobile apps. Its robust features can take your marketing well beyond emails and landing pages.

Every customer experience is more meaningful, relevant and engaging for them — and, as a result, more effective for you.

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The power of one

Instead of cobbling together six, seven or more separate systems, with Antics DMS you get one easy-to-use marketing cloud solution that includes:

Web hosting, content management, landing pages, registration, password-protected and conditional access, dynamic content, page analytics, click tracking, loyalty points, lead scoring, surveys, triggered and broadcast emails, text messaging, multivariate testing, progressive profiling, ad targeting and retargeting, single and social sign-on, refer-a-friend, and more.

Antics DMS gives you real-time customer segmentation, personalization, messaging and analytics — powerful capabilities you can't get using separate siloed systems.

Using separate siloed systems is not only costly, it also limits what you can do and how quickly you can respond to customers — and that means missed opportunities.

One platform. Unlimited possibilities.

Antics DMS is the ideal platform to quickly and easily deploy a whole range of solutions designed to develop and nuture leads, increase engagement and strengthen bonds with your customers.

What can you do with Antics DMS?

A smarter marketing funnel

Many marketing solutions use complex linear flow charts to describe how campaigns are supposed to work: send an email, wait a few days, send another email, and so on. This funnel approach works by pushing a bunch of people in one end, and hoping that a few will follow your flow chart and dribble out the other.

But Antics DMS takes a different approach — a non-linear approach. Instead of hoping customers will adapt to your funnel, your funnel adapts to them.

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