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Personalized customer journeys that drive sales.

From acquisition to loyalty, Antics Digital Marketing System (DMS) lets you create the perfect personalized experience for each customer throughout their entire journey.

Antics DMS tracks customer actions and responses across digital channels, then automatically segments customers in real time based on that data. It offers insights into customer behavior at every step of the way.

Then it turns that insight into action. It responds instantly to personalize the customer experience, delivering the right content to the right user at the right time across your web pages, emails or text messages, social media sites and mobile apps. Its robust features can take your marketing well beyond emails and landing pages.

What can you do with Antics DMS?

The power of one

When marketers have a great idea for engaging customers and enhancing the customer journey, the solution usually requires you to cobble together six, seven or more separate systems, or embark on an expensive, time-consuming and risky software project, requiring IT involvement, teams of engineers, and months of costly development.

Using separate siloed systems is not only costly, it also limits what you can do and how quickly you can respond to customers — and that means missed opportunities.

With Antics DMS you get one, fully-integrated, easy-to-use marketing cloud solution, right out of the box. It makes it fast and easy to create loyalty programs, lead generation and nurturing campaigns, content marketing campaigns, thought leadership programs, social giving programs, email campaigns, customer and partner portals, and more, without IT help or writing a single line of software.

Powerful features in a single, fully-integrated solution.

Antics DMS's robust features can make your marketing initiatives more meaningful, relevant and engaging for your customers — and more effective for you.

Microsites, Portals and Landing Pages

Antics DMS makes it easy to create secure, template-driven microsites, landing pages and sophisticated password-protected portals with automatic account validation and password reset features, gated content, event registration, and more. Integrated content management features allow you to test pages in a secure staging site before publishing them live or reverting to a prior version.

Emails and Text Messages

Send emails and text messages to entire audience segments at once, or trigger individual messages to a single user in real time when they take certain actions or meet conditions that you define. Create drip campaigns with automatic follow-up messages, or automatically send them a happy birthday message. Users can even set their own schedules for things like reminders.

Intelligent Forms and Surveys

Easily add forms and surveys, with powerful features such as progressive profiling, dynamically branching surveys and Intelligent Interview™, where questions are automatically customized for each user based on their prior responses or actions.

Behavior Tracking

Antics DMS can track every customer touch point, including clicks, page views, form submits, downloads, email opens, even interactions that occur outside the system such as purchases.

Real-time Audience Segmentation

Segment users in real time based on any combination of demographics, responses or behaviors. When users enter or exit each audience segment, you can trigger actions such as sending an email, customizing the content of a web page, or updaing your CRM.

Dynamic Content

Imagine if the content of your web pages, emails, texts or mobile apps changed automatically in real time to be more personalized and relevant for each user. That's dynamic content, and Antics DMS makes it easy to add it to your campaigns, programs and apps.

Multivariate Testing

You can test any content for effectiveness – from single words to entire pages, images, and even styles like colors – in your emails, microsites, ads or mobile apps. Antics DMS automatically tracks which version performs best, and can automatically select the most effective version after a trial period.

Lead Scoring

Identify your most valuable users, with multiple concurrent point systems, and real-time triggered notifications or data exports to your CRM when users act or respond based on rules that you define.

Loyalty and Rewards

Add robust loyalty/rewards features to your campaigns or programs. You can award points based on any user actions within the system (e.g. emails, microsites, mobile apps, blogs) or outside the system (e.g. purchases). You can allow users to redeem or donate points. Antics DMS includes controls such as program-wide or personal caps and rolling point-expiration periods.

Incentive-based Refer-a-Friend

Antics DMS's integrated refer-a-friend capaibilities make it easy to create programs where current users are incentived to refer their friends. It includes a customizable portal where referrers can return to refer others, and track their rewards or the status of people they refer.

Easy Integrations

Antics DMS plays well with others. It's integrated with Facebook, Salesforce, PSKW, IMS-One and several other platforms, and you can set up an integration to send or receive data in just minutes without IT help. With its built-in OAuth 2.0 client and server capabilities, setting up single sign-on is also a snap.

Dashboards and Reports

Every campaign or project includes a customizable dashboard that allows you to track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. You can create reports to automatically run on a schedule and have Antics DMS email them to your stakeholders.

That's a long list of powerful features, and we haven't even come close to describing them all! Split audiences, solution finders, anonymous user tracking, a targeted ad server, integrated localization, dynamic page flows — the list goes on. Schedule a demo today and we'll show you the entire system.

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A smarter marketing funnel

Many marketing solutions use complex linear flow charts to describe how campaigns are supposed to work: send an email, wait a few days, send another email, and so on. This funnel approach works by pushing a bunch of people in one end, and hoping that a few will follow your flow chart and dribble out the other.

But Antics DMS takes a different approach — a non-linear approach. Instead of hoping customers will adapt to your funnel, your funnel adapts to them.

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